ARISTENG S.a.r.l. is a Luxembourg SME engineering consulting firm expert in the use of simulation and methodologies to provide cost and energy-demand reduction as environmental impact assessment. ARISTENG has expertise in assessment of methanol processes electrification, LCA and design of plasma-assisted ethylene to methane production and participation in projects focused on chemicals and fuels production (ADREM, CUDET and FOSTCARD), and circular plastics reuse (C-PlaNeT).

Main tasks in ELECTRO

The key role of ARISTENG will be the inventory data collection, LCA of the developed process, and process alternatives design for optimisation.


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Key people on the project

Evangelos Delikonstantis is the managing director of AristEng Sarl. He holds a diploma in Chemical Engineering from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, an Engineering Doctorate from the Delft University of Technology and a PhD from KU Leuven.

He is an expert in process and equipment design, process optimization and evaluation of emerging electrified technologies and has been involved in various projects related to the development of electrified processes, possessing leading roles. He has also published 20 peer-reviewed publications and a book chapter in the field of process intensification. Since 2021, Evangelos has been managing AristEng Sarl, leading and supervising projects related to the employment of electricity-based technologies for waste valorisation, bulk and fine chemicals production and off-gases treatment.

In the ELECTRO project, Evangelos along with his colleagues will investigate and develop different process alternatives and further evaluate them on the basis of technical aspects and environmental impacts.


Stavros-Alexandros Theofanidis is the CTO of AristEng Sarl since 2021. He received his bachelor and master’s degree in chemical engineering from the Chemical Engineering Department of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and a PhD degree from Ghent university. He has expertise in thermo-catalytic processes, process design, waste valorization and environmental assessment. He has published 19 articles in peer-reviewed journals and 2 book chapters in the field of syngas production and CH4 valorization.

In ELECTRO project, Stavros will be involved in the plantwide process model development and the environmental assessment.