Borealis is a leading provider of innovative solutions, advanced and circular polyolefins solutions, base chemicals and fertilizers and is the second largest polyolefin producer in Europe. With headquarters in Vienna, Austria. Borealis currently employs around 7,900 people and operates on five continents in 120 countries.

Building on its proprietary Borstar® and Borlink™ technologies and more than 50 years of experience in polyolefins and hydrocarbons, Borealis and Borouge support key industries with a wide range of applications. Borealis offers advanced polyolefins for virgin and circular economy solutions, servicing these industries: Consumer Products, Energy, Healthcare, Infrastructure and Mobility. Borealis is rapidly becoming a leading global provider not only of advanced polyolefins solutions, but of circular ones as well. The Company’s dedication to bringing about a circular economy of plastics is embedded in its corporate strategy and embodied by its EverMinds™ approach. It is supported by significant investments in its assets, as well as in R&D and proprietary technologies.

The circular economy is one of three focus areas in the Group’s Sustainability Strategy, alongside Energy & Climate and Health & Safety, all of which are important pillars in the Borealis Strategy 2035. Borealis Circular Economy Solutions is dedicated to discovering new opportunities for long-term business growth, primarily in the areas of mechanical recycling, chemical recycling (in collaboration with Borealis partners – OMV and Renasci), reuse, renewable feedstock and design for recyclability (DfR).

Main tasks in ELECTRO

Borealis will lead the WP2 on “Optimised valorisation of hydrocarbon mix”. Their role will be to evaluate methods to valorise py-oil, evaluate its composition, demonstrate steam cracking of py-oils, and develop appropriate operating strategies for the steam cracking.

Key people on the project

Manjunath PATIL is a Lead Engineer II in Process Technology and Chemistry of Innovation and Technology in Borealis. He is involved in developing state of art technologies in selected circular economy, carbon neutrality and base chemicals to ensure sustainable and competitive manufacturing of Borealis’ products.

His main work in Electro together with René Dicke is to lead WP2 on Optimized Valorization of Hydrocarbon Mix.


René Dicke is leading the department “Process Development within the R&D Organisation at Borealis. With his team of researchers and the laboratory facilities he is involved in all technology challenges to meet the ambiguous sustainability targets of Borealis, with a strong focus on circular economy and carbon neutrality.

The main contribution of René is to guarantee the required resources for experimentation during the WP2 of ELECTRO.