CCT international (PRYME) is part of the PRYME group which is an innovative cleantech chemical company publicly quoted at Euronext, focused on converting plastic waste into valuable products through chemical recycling on an industrial scale.

PRYME is operating a pilot plant to conduct R&D work located at the UGENT LCT laboratories. PRYME will start-up a first plant in Rotterdam with a capacity of 40.000 tonnes of annual mixed plastic waste intake in 2023.

Main tasks in ELECTRO

Most of the efforts operated by PRYME will be oriented towards the WP1 “Electrified conversion of plastic waste to high-purity pyrolysis oils” which they are leading. Their key role is the optimisation of the pyrolysis reactor & its demonstration to TRL 7. PRYME is also deeply involved in the management of that project.

Key people on the project

Caroline Lievens, Pryme R&D Manager, PhD, MSc Chemistry, MSc Physical Land Resources.

Skillful research chemist with 25 years of experience in applied chemistry, particularly with applications in the field of renewable energy (plastic & biomass pyrolysis, catalytic upgrading of pyrolysis products).

Proven track record in application and development of a wide suite of analytical methods and characterization of (pyrolysis) products. Expert user of a suite of analytical techniques & developed analytical techniques for various (pyrolysis) materials, author of > 40 papers in international peer reviewed journals. Worked 5 years (2010-2015) as project manager in international consortia: Brown Coal Pyrolysis (China), Biomass Pyrolysis (UTwente-Shell-Netherlands), Fuel production (UTwente-catalytic biomass pyrolysis) in Finland.  Seven years (2015-2022) managed and reorganized the GeoScience Laboratory (facilities and staff) at Twente University in The Netherlands. Since February 2022, R&D Manager at Pryme.

Caroline is responsible for the R&D Pilot Plant of Pryme located at Ghent University, a mini version of the R’dam full scale plant. In Ghent we will test different plastics and optimize parameters to produce different oils (naphtha/wax) [WP1].


Dominique Gemoets is the Technology & Engineering director for PRYME. He is a master in chemical engineering – process technology from KU Leuven – De Nayer Campus.

In his career he has worked 20+ years in multiple engineering & technology roles within BP and INEOS focusing on designing, operating and optimizing world-class units all over Europe/US/Asia for the production of Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA) – main feedstock for PET production. He was also heavily involved as process lead in the design of the BP (later INEOS) Infinia technology to chemically recycle PET back to PTA.

Dominique has joined PRYME early 2023 to lead the further Technology development and Engineering of future commercial plants. He will be heavily involved in the project management of the Electro project (WP6) besides the main scope for PRYME in WP1.