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Main tasks in ELECTRO

VTT´s main role in eLECTRO is MODIX-assisted pre-treatment and feeding of heterogeneous Mix Plastic Waste feed into pyrolysis process with increased techno-economic value in WP1.


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Key people on the project

Eetta Saarimäki, Senior Scientist, has received her MSc form Tampere University of Technology at 1993. She has more than 25 years of project expertise as both project manager and research scientist in plastics, in the development of plastic composites and textile structures. Several EU and national projects especially in the development of processing technologies. Strong expertise in plastics in compounding, extrusion and film techniques. Lately several research projects in the area of circular solution of plastics and textiles.

eLECTRO_Eetta Saarimäki

D.Sc. (Tech.) Ilkka Rytöluoto, Senior Scientist at VTT, completed his doctoral degree in materials science and electrical engineering at Tampere University of Technology in 2016. He has over 10 years of experience in the field of polymer processing, characterization, plastics recycling and development of functional polymer blends and polymer (nano-)composites. He has participated and is currently active in several plastics recycling related EU projects, with research focus on extrusion pre-treatment and mechanical recycling of plastic waste.

eLECTRO_Ilkka Rytöluoto