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Which future recycling methods will drive a circular plastic economy?

Kevin VAN GEEM, our coordinator from Ghent University and Director for the Center for Sustainable Chemistry, was interviewed by Milica Folić, Topsoe Product Line Director to provide updates on some of the latest research taking place within the chemical recycling of plastic waste. During this 50 min exchange, our eLECTRO coordinator covered the usage of steam crackers and pyrolysis, and their discovered challenges associated with using pyrolysis oil instead of e.g., virgin naphtha as steam cracker feedstock.

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About the podcast series called “The Circular Plastic Podcast”?

The world is transitioning from a linear to a sustainable circular plastic economy. We want to enable your business to join the transition and deliver on the new world targets. This podcast brings you the most recent knowledge and best practices of the circular plastic economy. Topsoe Product Line Director, Milica Folić, is joined by major market players and industry experts to dive into a broad spectrum of circular plastic topics. Together, they will cover latest trends within feedstock and plastic types, legislation and politics, and much more.

The circular plastic podcast is part of Topsoe HowTalk™, which invites you into the discussion on the global decarbonization challenge. Topsoe and key experts shine the light on how different pathways can reduce carbon emissions in the hard-to-abate industries.

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